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5 Other Chainsmokers Songs They Should Make Into Movies

Posted on August 28, 2017 by Qila
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5 Other Chainsmokers Songs They Should Make Into Movies

The Chainsmokers don’t just make frustratingly catchy party bops. Soon, the EDM pop dude-bro duo will produce their very own feature film, based on their popular song, “Paris.” Judging from its lyrics, the forthcoming flick will follow two rich kids who escape to Paris to “get away from [their] parents.” Zany abroad adventures include smoking cigarettes and posting pictures on Instagram. It’s going to be huge! In fact, this could be the beginning of a lucrative series of movies inspired by Chainsmokers songs. Chainsmokers, if you’re reading this, here are some ideas:

Kanye, Based On “Kanye”
“Kanye,” the Chainsmokers song, is about wanting to be rich and famous and, like, in control of your life? Which doesn’t really hold up, considering the year Kanye has had. “I’ll be the King of me always” is a lyric that sticks out. Anyway, the song hasn’t aged well. Kanye, the movie, would be about a man who plots to kill Kanye West and steal his identity. Stick with me here. As Kanye, the imposter would use his pop star status for good: charity work, or something.